11 February 2009

Performance Enhancing Duds

What's with professional sports these days? It seems like honesty in achievement is practically non existent, if it ever existed at all. If you or I were to seriously lie or cheat on the job we would be fired. No questions asked. Yet certain professional sports stars are allowed to escape with only an apology or a lame excuse?

Recently A-Rod said that he took performance enhancing drugs because he was, "young and stupid." 2003 wasn't that long ago. You weren't that young. But, just one question A-Rod. Since you've supposedly grown up since then, why didn't you do the grown up thing and face the music like an adult? Why continue to cover it up? Come on, we aren't that harsh. The public has certainly forgiven worse- when people are forthcoming. But, no. You thought you'd take your secret to the grave; or, at least through retirement.

He and others like him should be kicked off the job by Major League Baseball just as you or I would get the boot for committing a comparable offense. In fact, no other team should even be permitted to hire him for on the field duty. Not to say that he shouldn't be allowed to work in baseball. Bat boy comes to mind.

In fact, MLB should consider filing criminal charges. Not only did he swindle two teams for millions of dollars; but, he also forged the history books with records and statistics produced in the lab and not by hard work. What about a name change? I'm thinking A-"Rob" is a better fit. The only pinstripes he should ever be allowed to wear again are the black and whites of the D.O.C., and certainly not the prestigious blue and white of the New York Yankees.

What's your take on A-Rod and performance enhancing drugs in professional sports? Lifetime ban? Criminal charges? Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed? After all, if everyone could use them, would it still be cheating? Comment below.

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