16 February 2009

Smack My B-tch Up?

Okay, no need to rehash the story; or, more of the lyrics to the song by Prodigy. But, here's my advice to the two love birds (and love birds everywhere):

Ladies, first off, don't date a guy who grew up in a violent household. Because chances are, at some point that stuff is going to come back and bite you in the...hit you in the face. And, if you do date this guy, for your own safety NEVER EVER throw the keys to his $250,000 car out the window. Doing something STUPID like that tends to provoke something called UNCONTROLLABLE RAGE. Kind of like setting your hair on fire and then taking every pair of shoes that you own and dipping them in motor oil. Get the picture? Learn from Rihanna. Don't do it. Bad things will happen.

Finally girls. Never take it for granted that a man "can't touch you." Because if you provoke him or do things to escalate the situation based on that ridiculous assumption, well, you are absolutely wrong. You will be in the hospital possibly disfigured for life, and meanwhile he will be at the mall out on $50,000 bail. And, even if he does get locked up for a short while, was it worth it just to prove a point? 

Okay guys. This is simple. Never hit a woman. EVER. Especially if that woman is Rihanna. A jury of your peers isn't a jury of your peers when half of their children idolize the plaintiff. And, probably half of the jury itself (definitely all of the men, and at least one or two of the women, want to sleep with her.)

Boys, if you grew up in a violent household and are afraid that it's worn off on you, and it probably has. Do yourself a favor. Get castrated. That way, in addition to having no interest in women, you'll be less prone to violent behavior in general. It's true, nine out of ten veterinarians agree. 

To both sexes. If you are absolutely gaga for one another and feel that you must get together, and one of you has a violent past. If you are under oh, let's say age 35- don't do it. Someone is going to get hurt. Young people don't think. They react. And, reacting without thinking means drawing upon the subconscious- which is exactly where all of these violent tendencies live. 

Alright, that's the word on the street for today. Until next time.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    there's just no excuse for what cb did there's no ammount of provocation that excuses his actions. I find zero fault w rhianna. if the argument was indeed over a text message he got from ANOTHER WOMAN she held the situation pretty mildly IMHO. I grew up in a violent home my dad would try to go chris brown on my mom occasionally but 1. my mom wouldn't stand for it and went tina turner on his ike @ss 2. I wasn't gonna let it happen I frequently got involved and broke up these bouts, hmm maybe that's why out of all my siblings I was victim of abuse also. in any case I'd never lay a hand on my wife in that manner. growing up in a broken home doesn't necessarily equate to having the sins of ur father, or mother however it worked out. one must face those issues head on and accept that as their past and vow to never let those hurtful attitudes and actions affect their own family lives.

  2. word: it's on the street. said...

    agreed. due to a text message from another woman OR getting your keys thrown out the window etc, physical violence should never be an option. however, if i had touched on every moral/other aspect of the issue- that wouldn't have left room for your contribution to the discussion. and, it would have most likely made for a vastly more boring read.